Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich

Sci-fi and fantasy novels are all well and good, but I do read other books. One example is the hilariously funny Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. Now, Evanovich is a prolific writer and so has a lot of series, some better known than others, but the Stephanie Plum novels are a must read for anyone looking for a good laugh. I have listened to a number of them on CD, and I highly recommend listening to the later ones since the narrator definitely adds to them. The earlier ones have a different narrator and I might be biased (since I listened to the later ones first) but I don’t like the earlier narrator nearly as much. Also, these books really don’t need to be read/listened to in order! There are a few over-arching plots in Stephanie’s life, but each book easily stands on its own.

Title: Stephanie Plum novels (first one is One for the Money)
Author: Janet Evanovich
Setting: New Jersey, not quite our world from what I can tell of the spin offs, but very nearly
Premise: Stephanie needed a job so she became a bounty hunter for people who skip bail after getting bonded out. She has a tendency to wind up in ridiculous and hilarious situations and handles them with jokes and dumb luck.


  • Really really really really funny! You will be laughing out loud.
  • Brave and fairly intelligent but mostly lucky and witty female character
  • An endearing boyfriend and complicated friendship with a really hot guy
  • Hilarious minor characters, including a cross-dressing stoner
  • Light and easy mysteries


  • Warning, there is some swearing *gasp*
  • It can be a bit grisly sometimes despite the humorous setting. There are murders.
  • Not always very realistic :-)
  • I’ve never been to New Jersey, but I’m suspicious about how accurately it is portrayed :-)
  • I have a tendency to crave donuts after reading these books…

Summary: Really excellent books to pick up in the airport or whenever you need a good laugh and an easy read, as long as you don’t mind a bit of a darker side to the humor once in a while. They are also great to listen to while driving, since they don’t take much brain power to follow.

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