The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Guest Post)

I’m back! And with a guest post :-).

I’ve only gotten through the first book of the Dresden Files (it’s on my todo list! In fact the second one is sitting right next to me…) but my bookaholic parents both tore through them, and so I figured it’d be fun to write about what my mom thinks about these books!

Title: The Dresden Files (The first book is Storm Front)
Author: Jim Butcher
Pages: ~350 per book (paperback)
Setting: The books take place in an alternative universe Chicago where magic is real and works, but most of the population still isn’t really aware of it. Magic has a tendency to interfere with technology though and there is a whole different world and politics revolving around magic.
Premise: Harry Dresden is a quite powerful wizard who has had a checkered past that got him on the bad side of the wizard government and is also the only wizard in the phone book and willing to help non-magical types. This obviously makes his life a little bit interesting when the magic entities that prey on humans get in his path.


  • Great characters
  • The main character has down sides to his magic, and isn’t all powerful
  • Good supporting characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, and they don’t always get along (more realistic)
  • The bad guys are really bad, so you’re quite happy for their demise
  • Good description/feel of Chicago
  • Complex plots and twists you don’t see coming
  • Magic is complex and there is a wide range of talent levels


  • First couple of books have a bit of frantic/stressful pace, but that gets better 
  • Dresden has a bit too much drama with authority figures, it just gets a bit unbelievable and annoying
  • Dresden’s mouth is also a bit annoying; someone in their 40’s should have better self-control

Summary: These are nice easy books that are fun for airplanes and summer activities that need reading. They are great urban fantasy and pull from a wide range of mythological backgrounds. If you have a problem with Christianity getting mixed in with magic and other religions, then you might not enjoy it. There are also some sexual innuendos, so PG-13 rating. Overall, great for the beach, everyone will know you’re a nerd!

-A (and Mom!)

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1 Response to The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Guest Post)

  1. Barbara says:

    Dresden gets better and better. Ghost Story is an incredible read – I HAD to finish it in about a day and a half because I couldn’t stop thinking about it whenever I put it down.

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