Amazon Ink/Queen by Lori Devoti

The slash in the title is because the first book is called Amazon Ink and the second is Amazon Queen and there isn’t a series title yet, but I’m sensing and Amazon theme here. Anyway, these two books are your basic urban fantasy, females kick ass story. The magic system is different and interesting and I do like the character development. They are pretty good to pick up for your in between thinking readings.

Title: Amazon Ink and Amazon Queen
Author: Lori Devoti
Pages: ~375 (paperback)
Setting: Alternate universe in the Midwest (Madison and surrounding areas mostly) where Amazons from the Greek legends are very real and have special powers from their god parentage which are enhanced by their worship of Artemis, and they live for hundreds of years.
Premise: The Amazons’ way of life is going through some upheaval at this moment
 as old traditions (of killing/maiming male babies) are causing tension with some of the more modern minded tribe members. The first book follows an artisan (uses art to channel magic powers, usually tattoos) who has separated from the tribe. The second follows a queen (in charge of one of the safe camp areas, warrior special powers) as she deals with betrayal flowing through the ranks. The sons of the Amazons play very big roles in both these books.


  • I really liked the character development in the books, the main characters change gracefully but obviously as the plot happens 
  • It is fun to read about matriarchal societies in my opinion ;-)
  • Fun magic system, I’m a fan of magic tattoos!
  • Plot twists that I didn’t see coming
  • Greek mythology is followed pretty closely I think


  • I didn’t get all that attached to the characters, there just wasn’t much of an emotional connection 
  • I don’t think the epic feel was done successfully, but maybe she’s just building up to the real epic stuff
  • These books are about a tribe of women that think that killing their male babies is okay, though that is one of the big plot changes, but if that sounds very uncomfortable for you, maybe not the right books
  • Hearth-keepers (the third talent group who are good at cooking, cleaning, baby-sitting, etc) get kind of a bad rap until later in the books when they show how kick butt they can be

Summary: Not one of those “oh my God you must read this book and tell all your friends” kind of books, but entertaining enough to read while traveling or doing summery things, or to take your mind off of work type stuff. An interesting take on how the Amazon myths could have continued into the modern day, and I do hope she writes more of them.


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