In My Mailbox #1

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Since this is my first IMM I’ll include just what I’ve gotten recently :-).

From my birthday: (Fiction)

My birthday was two weeks ago and I got mostly books, including some fiction and non-fiction. The fiction are The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (which I’ve actually already read through and am working on a review), Brisingr by Christopher Paolini and Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk. I also am very much looking forward to reading the non-fiction, and might post about them as well sometime since real life can have interesting stories too.


I love looking through Kindle to find free fantasy and sci-fi books when I’m bored and I found these two this week! Frozen Prospects by Dean Murray and Loki by Mike Vasich. They are still free as of this posting and the pictures are linked to their Kindle editions, go get ’em!

Well, for a student trying to get through finals that is a lot to read still, wish me luck!

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