Bloggiesta 2012, because it’s fun!

Bloggiesta 2012

Hosted at: It’s All About Books

Whelp, I’ve never done something like this before, but on of the blog to-do things that I have is to get more involved in the community, so this is perfect! I probably won’t be able to spend that much time on it because I’m going up for the weekend to visit my parents, but hopefully I’ll find an hour to poke around when we get back on Sunday!

Get More Involved In The Book Blog Community
Yey, one down almost automatically! I am going to try to find a mini-challenge that I can do and visit other blogs that look interesting so I can get more links going this weekend!

Add Goodreads Buttons To Archives
I realized that I really love the ability to click to add a book to my Goodreads to read list from a blog post, so I want to go and add those to my old posts since I still get a lot of search hits on them. They will also become a feature of new posts as long as I can remember to put them in the drafts I have.

Figure Out If There Are Other Cool Widgets I Want
For a computer science person I have sadly uninformed about how much I can customize my wordpress blog and haven’t really figured out most of the widgets and things simply because I haven’t tried. I’m hoping some of the mini-challenges might involve learning more about what I can actually do with my blog.

Want to join in? Click the link under the image and come along with us this weekend!


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