In My Mailbox #2

Whew, I haven’t posted IMM for a while since I simply hadn’t been getting that many books with my limited budget. However, a got a few freebies over the past month and a few galleys for review and my parents bought me a book, so it’s time for another IMM!


My mom and I both really enjoy this series and so when I mentioned that there was a new one out, she bought it for me in exchange for getting to read it after me. Already 3/4 done!


I saw that another blogger got Anathema on the Kindle Store and so ran over to grab it while it was still free a while ago. Yet another one to get to and hope that I get a Kindle to read it on soon, ha!

Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters doesn’t seem to have cover art yet, but I’m excited to see what they make for it because I’ve started reading it and the illustrations every handful of pages are gorgeous! I was very excited to receive these two galleys for review and tore through Dollhouse and posted that review already. Troll Hunters can only be read on my computer currently, so it’s taking longer since I can’t take it with me everywhere, but hopefully I’ll be able to post about it soon!


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