Dewey’s Read A Thon April 21st, Sign Up!

Dewey’s Read A Thon is coming up April 21st. This looks like a really fun opportunity to get a lot of reading done and get really involved in the community. Everyone can sign up, not just bloggers, and there are other roles to play if you don’t want to spend the whole day just reading! They have cheerleaders as well who go and post on people’s blogs and facebooks to encourage them!

It looks like so much and I’m really excited. I wish that it wasn’t on the one day this spring that I am visiting apartments all day to try to find something. I did still sign up and am planning to post at least some during the day, but I can’t commit the whole day which makes me feel lame. But you don’t have to be lame! So sign up and read as much as you want!

Is anyone else planning to participate in any way? Has anyone done this in the past? I’m so excited! Also why is my luck so bad that the fun things happen on the few weekends that I am completely busy???


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