On My Wishlist #2

I haven’t done one of these in a while huh, and they went and changed who hosts it on me! Whew, just gotta try and keep up ;-). Well, my wishlist is fairly long, and I don’t want to repeat things from previous posts, so I’m just going to grab a few from my to-read shelf on Goodreads :). Nearly all of the books on this shelf were put there because I saw them on a blog, and I didn’t keep track of which blogs, so I can’t give any credit for the tips, sorry :(.


Beggars in Spain is about a future where people can be genetically modified to not need sleep, but not everyone has been, and so there is strife between the Sleepless and Sleepers. Most Sleepless have left the planet to get away from the discrimination, but the main character has stayed and her sister who is a Sleeper  is helping her to preach acceptance.

 This one is a Young Adult as far as I’m aware, but has been getting a fair amount of hype and looks promising. Another futuristic dystopia as far as I can tell, but the reviews that I’ve seen make it sound very promising. I recall it being compared to The Hunger Games in writing style, ie that it’s YA but appeals to a wider audience. Also that cover is gorgeous!

Can’t have too much dystopia on this list. And to make up for it, I’ll end with what looks like a good high fantasy novel. Dragons are sentient and it sounds like they partner with humans. I think I recall that this is aimed at a bit younger audience as well, but I’ve always found I enjoy dragon books no matter what age range they aim at.

Did I say end? Well I meant end the fiction section ;-). Just as I finished writing this post, I came across an article about this book and wanted to throw it on there since I’m turning this blog into a half nonfiction blog apparently, ha. In any case, the review said this was a fast and intelligent read about alternative solutions that are and hopfully will continue to happen right now.

Anyone read any of these? Anyone else crushing on these covers?? Normally I’m not a cover crush type of blogger, but wow they are so pretty!


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