In Preparation for The Great Read-a-Thon!

So, coincidentally, the Dewey Read A Thon is happening this weekend, which is the same weekend that I am going apartment hunting. This makes me sad because I won’t actually be able to participate as much as I want to in the day of the Read A Thon, but I’m still going to try. However, to get to my apartment hunting day I need to drive/ride 12 hours on Friday and 12 hours back on Sunday. As any good reader would do, I will be spending as much of that time as I can reading or listening to books :D.

In preparation for my feeble attempt at participating in the Read A Thon and not so feeble attempt at reading 24 hours in two 12 hour chunks over the course of the weekend, I needed more books! Specifically audiobooks, since I don’t actually own any.

This was a perfect chance to go to my local library, which I had NEVER stepped foot in before! Seriously, four years in this town and I’ve never gone to the town library. I’m a HORRIBLE person D:. But! I’ve fixed it; I officially have my library card and started out with a nice big pile of books!



I am obviously not going to get to them all, but I wanted a variety in case one just wasn’t doing it for me, since I don’t know how much of the drive I’ll be at the wheel and how much my boyfriend will take (since we’re just going to switch off when one gets sick of it). Since I can only keep them out until May 10th, I’ll probably have to renew one or two if I like them all, since I do a lot of driving anyway!

Physical books from the library:


Things I love about books from the library: no downside! I don’t have to worry about paying for them and so I can just grab and try out and return without fear of money waster and my limited budget :D. Hence I grabbed a book at random from the dragon book list and Terry Pratchett. I hope I picked well, but really not a big deal if I didn’t :D.

Books I’m still working on:
  Troll Hunters

I’ve been in a reading slump recently (I blame a renewed interest in video games…) and so haven’t made a lot of progress on the books that I’ve been working on, so this will be a good opportunity! Troll Hunters is an advanced copy from Net Galley that I’m so excited to finish and write a review for, because you must read it! It’s so pretty! If it was in physical form I’d have no trouble buzzing through it, I just am not good at reading on the computer :(.

What are you planning to read for the Read A Thon? Have you read any of the new books I picked up and have tips for which to read first on my 12 HOUR drive tomorrow? How much do you love that libraries give you books FOR FREE????


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