Dewey’s Read A Thon Update #2

All right, the first goal of the day is complete, I found an apartment and signed a lease! More importantly ( ;-) ) I’m on page 369 of 807 of A Game of Thrones and am planning to spend the next 4 hours getting some hard core reading time in! I’m going to read A Game of Thrones until I’m tired and my boyfriend is done with my computer, then I’m going to try to finish my advance copy of Troll Hunters since I’m only a hundred or so pages until the end of that!

How’s everyone’s read a thon going? Any fun challenges that I missed this morning?

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3 Responses to Dewey’s Read A Thon Update #2

  1. midnightbookgirl says:

    Love A Game of Thrones- I’m reading the third book, just not today!
    I’m here to cheer
    You’re here to read
    But have no fear
    You’re a bookish breed!

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