Links Luau #2

Time for another luau of links!

April at Good Books and Good Wine posted about her favorite minor Harry Potter Characters which I just loved since it’s been a few years since I read the last book and this was a fun trip down memory lane!

Janicu’s Book Blog posted author’s book recommendations that brings together the book recommendation pages of a lot of well known authors and they all look awesome! (And I don’t think I’ve read a single one D: )

S. M. Boyce wrote a letter to new writers about thick skin which I think is very relevant for book bloggers to understand the perspective of the authors that they are reviewing about.

Rie at Mission To Read presented a list of 5 Free Web Apps for Bloggers that was too good of a list not to share!

What other cool posts were out there this past week? I’m sure I missed something awesome, tell me

Anya from About The Story More Links to Enjoy:
Links Luau #1

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6 Responses to Links Luau #2

  1. smboyce says:

    Thanks for sharing my post on thick skin!

  2. janicu says:

    I like your links luau feature. Nice links (and thanks for making mine one of them!) – the Mission to Read link is particularly useful. I was just told that I should get PMetrics this week, so I’m looking into it.

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