WWW Wednesday #7


What did you recently finish reading?

This week has been pretty busy since I work part-time at a floral store, and that has become more like full time with the spring we’ve been having. But, I spent my lunch breaks reading Anathema by Megg Jensen on my Kindle app and was able to tear through that, because it rocked! I also got in touch with Amanda Carlson author of Blooded a few weeks back because we’re both from Minnesota and she was kind enough to send me a review copy of the novella to check out, which I happily tore through as well! :D

What are you currently reading?


I’m still making steady progress on Song in the Silence  and Dogs and Goddesses which by the way should be called Dogs, Goddesses and Sex in my opinion because wow there are a lot of sex scenes, which are a little entertaining on audiobook… ha. I also always need a Kindle book, and had downloaded Loki a while back when I saw it was free, so started that just recently as well! I remember a time when I only read one book at a time… oh well!

What do you think you’ll read next?


As I said in a previous post, after reading Arthas (a World of Warcraft book) I needed a break from WoW lore, but I think I’ll be ready to try the next one on my shelf soon, The Well of Eternity. I’m also getting hungry for more non-fiction, so will tackle The Infinity Puzzle on a whim any day now ;-).

What are you reading past/present/future?
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