Bout of Books Day 3.1

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

As I said yesterday, I didn’t get as much reading done yesterday as I would have liked, however, I had today off work! I promised I’d catch up and catch up I did! I finished Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress and participated in the twitter chat and went blog hopping. I’m feeling pretty good ;-).


  • Read at least 2 hours every day – Check! And I caught up from yesterday ;-)
  • Read audiobooks whenever driving – didn’t drive today >.> still counts? lol
  • Finish at least two books this week – Finished Beggars in Spain today! 1/2
  • Spend at least one hour (OUTSIDE OF MY BLOG) communicating with the community – I participated in the Challenge today and the twitter chat and went blog hopping :D
  • Find 4 new blogs to follow :D – Done! My list is below :D

4 New Blogs Goal:

I’m very excited to have found all of these in the Book Blogger Directory under the sci-fi/fantasy section since I saw a lot of books I had read and liked reviewed on these blogs. I apparently have weird taste and have had trouble finding bloggers that like what I like, but I’m looking forward to reading the archives on these blogs :D.

Day 3 Challenge: 

Today’s challenge was Re-Title It at Books Devoured and I chose to do Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress since that was what was on my mind!

I think that a more sci-fi title would suit this book better since from the title I had no idea how awesomely sci-fi the plot would be. Therefore I proposed Those Who Never Sleep though I’m sure there are better sci-fi alternates out there ;-). Anyone have any other cool ideas?

How did everyone’s third day go? I’m nervous about the rest of the week since I’m going to be driving and packing for part of the day in a slow moving out process, but I’m definitely going to try for my goals anyway :D.

-AAnya from About The Story

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1 Response to Bout of Books Day 3.1

  1. Elsi says:

    Loved — LOVED — Beggars in Spain and its sequels. Kress has imagined a future that is definitely unique. I also listen to audio books when I’m driving. Just keep in mind that with an iPod or other MP3 player, you can listen to audio books while you’re packing for your move.

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