My favorite reading spotHello all, I’m Anya and welcome to About The Story, my book blog. Here at About The Story, I review mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi books and focus on a summary and list style review for fast reading to find the books that you are most interested quickest. I try to post a review a week on Fridays, as well as other fun posts through out the week.

I do request/receive a few books from authors and publishers, though most are from the library, but all of my reviews are 100% my honest opinion no matter where the book came from. I’m also part of the Amazon Associates program, and some of my older reviews have links to Amazon pages that I will profit from if you purchase the book through the link, but again, this doesn’t change my reviews of books, and I’ve stopped linking to Amazon in my newer reviews anyway. I purposefully list strengths and weaknesses for every book I review because no book is perfect or irredeemable.

Oh and another note, I warn you grammar people out there right now that I consider this blog a chance to have fun and will not be doing much agonizing over my phrasing and won’t make much effort past right clicking on red squiggly lines to correct syntactical errors in my posts, since after all it is about the story.

About review requests: I would love to review a specific book if I have access to it. Just drop me a line at anyaejo at gmail dot com.

About guest posts: I would love to write a guest post for you or have you write one for About The Story, just drop me a line at the email above.

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  1. I came upon your blog through Book Blogs and I’m glad I did. I have scrolled through your posts and really enjoy your style. I am now a happy follower! Look forward to some more interesting reviews. You can find me at: http://todayinshenaya.blogspot.com

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