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Links Luau #4

Whew, the Bout of Books read a thon is wrapped up today and so that means we all have lots of free time to go check out community links right? Right?! :D Books Soulmates wrote a genre breakdown post that I … Continue reading

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Links Luau #3

Yey more awesome links! Lord Voldemort interviewed Veronica Roth and I’m flabergasted that I never found this blog written by Lord Voldemort himself ( ;-) ) before! So funny! This is the map for the Spring Carnival Giveaway and Hop which I … Continue reading

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Links Luau #2

Time for another luau of links! April at Good Books and Good Wine posted about her favorite minor Harry Potter Characters which I just loved since it’s been a few years since I read the last book and this was a … Continue reading

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Links Luau #1

There are so many cool posts around the book blogosphere and I just can’t help but gush about some of them sometimes, so here is a new feature where I send you to a few of my favorites that I’ve … Continue reading

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