WWW Wednesday #4


Another week through and a lot of books started/finished and everything in between :). I did good this week :3.

What did you recently finish reading?

Arthas got easier and easier to keep reading as I continued and I happily powered through the end of it this weekend. Towards the end of last week I finished Pricing Life, which is good since the book club meeting for it is tonight! Also I got my first review galleys from NetGalley and tore through the Dollhouse graphic novel over the past two days and will have a review for that this Friday!

What are you currently reading?

With all of those books that I finished, I got to grab more off of my to-read shelf! Brisingr finally gets its time to shine, since I’m feeling up for a longer fiction book now that I finished so many books already this year. Also I’ve been itchy to start I’m Feeling Lucky and as I start my break before grad school, it is just perfect for getting me excited to keep pursuing computer science related things. I’m loving it so far! Also I grabbed Frozen Prospects free from the Kindle Store a while ago and started going through it on my iPhone when I got stuck somewhere without a book. I hate reading on my iPhone for the most part because it gives me eye strain to stare at a screen so much (I’m saving up for a Kindle :-) ), but I found that it works well to read on the biggest text setting when working out, so I’m already half way through this book! While it’s obvious that it wasn’t very thoroughly edited, I’m very much loving the plot.

What do you think you’ll read next?


My to-read book shelf is getting thin! I have another NetGalley that I received and need to look up what that is to add to this list next week. The Infinity Puzzle is rather intimidating, but I am determined to read it! The Well of Eternity is another WoW book that I got over the holidays that I’ll probably read after Brisingr. Anathema I got free from the Kindle Store as well and will be my next work out book when I finish Frozen Prospects :-).

What are you reading past/present/future?

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